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Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Ordering Information For All Orders

Electronic Delivery:

When an e-mail address is supplied, RTCM standards will be e-mailed to that address in PDF format, as soon as the order is processed. If an amendment to the standard is adopted later on, the amendment will be automatically e-mailed to the same address for no additional charge. Printed copies will follow by the shipping methods indicated below:

Standard Shipment:

Priority Mail to North American destinations, surface mail outside North America.

Expedited Delivery to Destinations Outside North America:

Add $11.00 per copy for Global Priority Mail.

Standard Shipment for books and videos:

If the order includes RTCM standards, books and videos will be included in a Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail mailing. Otherwise, standard shipment is media mail to U.S. Destinations, surface mail outside the U.S.

Courier Services (billed to customer):

Provide your courier service account number and we will ship order through that service to be billed back to you.

Payment Methods

RTCM documents are shipped only on a prepaid basis. Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS only). Payment is required in U.S. Dollars. We do not accept COD orders; we do not provide pro-forma invoices. Add $15 to each order paid by bank transfer to cover bank wire transfer fees.

Ordering Procedure:

All orders must identify specific document being ordered and number of copies. Order through our secure online publication site. Orders charged to credit cards listed above may also be sent to the mail address or the telefax number shown below. For payment by credit card please provide type (V, MC or AE) and card number, total amount authorized for charge, name of cardholder, expiration date of card, and signature of cardholder. Other orders, with payment as specified (including any expedited delivery service charges or ordering party charging information as listed above), should be sent only to the postal address below.

RTCM Mail Address and Telephone/Telefax Numbers:

Radio Technical Commission For Maritime Services (RTCM)
1800 N. Kent St., Suite 1060
Arlington, VA 22209, USA


Telefax: +1-703-351-9932

Telephone: +1-703-527-2000

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