2022 Digital@Sea North America Conference

Navigating Our Digital Waterways


DAY 2 - Conference Program

Thursday, May 12, 2022 

Session 5 - 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM (EDT)
eNav Initiatives

Christopher DiVeglio

Maritime Services Program Manager
NOAA, National Ocean Service

U.S. S-100 / Charting

Precision marine navigation is the ability of a vessel to navigate safely and efficiently within U.S. waterways. It relies on foundational oceanographic, meteorological, and electronic navigational charting data; observations; predictions and forecasts; and critical maritime information. NOAA continues to work towards getting this information easily accessible and readily available in internationally recognized navigation standards, such as S-100. Doing so will provide support to mariners throughout every step of a voyage. This presentation will provide a programmatic update on this valuable initiative and ongoing implementation.

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Louis Maltais

Director, Navigation-Geospatial Services and Support

Natacha Riendeau

National Manager e-Navigation,

Marine Navigation Programs

Canadian Coast Guard 

Government of Canada S-100 Service Status

Adoption of emerging S-100 standard are the key to enable our digital waterways, this presentation will describe the Canadian approach from production to dissemination of S-100 services in Canada. Feedback form early adopters will be showcase and some idea about transboundary services will be discussed.

In light of International Maritime Organization’s Initial Description of Maritime Services (Circ. 1610) government agencies in Canada has moved to prepare for S-100 based services. A inter-departmental S-100 committee has been stood up in an effort to harmonize and share experience among the responsible government agencies. Several services are under development and this paper details these efforts to date along with the lessons learned.

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Eivind Mong

Senior Adviser, e-Navigation, 
Marine Navigation Programs

Harbour Infrastructure (S-131) Information Exchange 

Historically there have been challenges with the nautical information flow from ports to hydrographic offices. The international community led by International Hydrographic Office and International Harbour Master Association has renewed efforts at improving this information flow to prepape for berth to berth navigation and the onset of MASS. This paper highlights efforts underway to improve services and mutual understanding so that information vital to safe passage can flow more freely.

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Steve White

Executive Director, 
Marine Exchange of Alaska

MSI via AIS from Shore

Utilizing AIS Transmit capability from terrestrial sites to facilitate safe, environmentally responsible and economically efficient  maritime operations.  This technology is extremely beneficial to government agencies, industry and users operating in the Arctic and throughout Alaska.

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Captain Kipp Louttit

Executive Director, Marine Exchange of Southern 
California & Vessel Traffic Service Los Angeles
and Long Beach
Marine Exchange of Southern California
Queueing System For Labor in Ports of LA/LB

For 100 years, queuing for labor at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach was based on date and time of ARRIVAL at the ports.  This incentivized container ships to race across the Pacific to cross the 20 mile line from the ports.  With the backup, the container ships then anchored/drifted/loitered for weeks in the crowded waters off LA/LB waiting to go to a berth.  Industry determined this was not safe as the number of container ships anchored/drifting/loitering off LA/LB increased from 20 to 40 to 60 to a record 86 on 16 November 2021, which was not good for safety or air quality.  In 27 days, a working group led by PMA and PMSA, with members of ocean carrier and terminals, developed a new system for queuing for labor based on date and time of DEPARTURE from the last port of call before LA/LB using satellite technology, which brought the number of drifting/loitering container ships to 0 on 3 February.  Captain Louttit will brief how the system was developed and its success in LA/LB which expanded to the port of Oakland.

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10:45 AM - 11:00 AM - Break  
Session 6 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
eNav Today

Jin Wang

Director of Technology, 
American Bureau of Shipping
Addressing Maritime Industry Challenges of Autonomous 

Autonomous and remote-control technology is rapidly advancing and transforming the maritime industry. This presentation will look at defining maritime autonomy from a classification perspective.  Additionally, we will discuss the challenges that autonomy development and implementation faces within the industry.  With a highlight on current developments within autonomous technology, the presentation will also demonstrate the ABS verification and validation process for reviewing and approving autonomous functionality. 

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Brian Tetreault

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Weather Observations from Ships via AIS

This presentation with provide an update on a project led by the US Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with the Maritime Administrations and NOAA, with support from Serco, Inc. to use the Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment already installed aboard commercial vessels to transmit weather observations from an automatic weather sensor. The presentation will provide an overview of the concept, testing efforts to date, and preliminary results of the testing. 


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12:00 PM - 13:30 PM - Lunch
 Session 7 - 13:30 PM - 15:00 PM (EDT)
Digital@Sea NA Report

Captain Mike Trent

Board Member, RTCM
Managing Director, MARITECH, USA
IHMA Representative, IALA VTS Committee

IALA Report

Capture conclusions and recommendations generated by the delegates that are submitted to IALA for dissemination to the appropriate international and national authorities for consideration

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Wrap-Up and Closing
 Thank you for attending the 2022 Digital@Sea North America Conference!