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2023 [email protected] North America Conference

Navigating Digital Waterways of the Future:  Waypoints to Safer and More Efficient Voyages

April 18-19, 2023 - The Alt Hotel - Montreal, Canada


About the 2023 Conference

[email protected] North America 2023 will be held on two days, April 18th – 19th, 2023 in the heart of the Montreal, Canada.  The conference will focus upon the broadening application of the maritime information environment that digitalization is creating and the many initiatives that have advanced since the last North American conference in May of 2022.    


Presentations will address digitalization and implementation plans by key stakeholders including key Canadian and U.S. government agency representatives, technology experts, mariners, international coastal administrators, and creators of maritime safety information.  The transition from paper to electronic charts, the introduction of S-100 and other products of the International Hydrographic Office (IHO), and the opportunities presented by these digital products.  In addition, expect news from the Canadian Mariners Conference, perspectives from professional mariners, and shoreside activities.  The conference is hosted by RTCM and organized under the IALA [email protected] series.  The IALA format guidelines encourage interaction between speakers and attendees, giving all attendees the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue.  Delegates will learn about the evolving tools available to mariners and about significant governmental plans and programs that will affect the maritime community and will have the opportunity to share information about the challenges they face.

ADDITION TO PROGRAM:  The initial program was adjusted to add a tour of the Port of Montreal in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 19th. It will include an overview of the port and coach-based driving tour of key points of interest.  Attendees may sign up for this Port of Montreal tour on the conference registration form.  Please note, there are a limited number of seats on the bus available, so be sure to register for the conference  ASAP to reserve your seat!

Digitalization in the maritime community is proceeding rapidly and operators and managers in all segments of the maritime community need to stay abreast of those developments for many reasons, including their overall impact and the potential effect upon regulatory requirements.  If you are a professional mariner, port operator or port authority, marine inspector, fleet manager, or a developer/manufacturer of bridge equipment you should attend this conference.

The venue will be the ALT Hotel which is ideally suited for hosting our meeting and providing excellent and affordable accommodations. We’ll have a full, enjoyable, and informative program similar to recent conferences with many opportunities for informal exchanges during the program, meal breaks, and a reception with exhibitors and sponsors.

Delegates will be able to discuss presentation topics and much more, in a final plenary session to create recommendations about the development and application of digitalization and e-Navigation for submission to maritime administrations and standards setting organizations.