RTCM Membership

Membership of your organization in RTCM entitles members of your organization to:
  • Participate in RTCM Special Committees and other activities
  • Receive regular e-mail distributions from RTCM concerning maritime radiocommunication and radionavigation regulatory and technical information, including RTCM Special Committee working reports and draft documents
  • Receive registration fee discounts for attendance at the RTCM Annual Assembly Meeting
  • Do you interact with national and international agencies such as the USCG, FCC, ACOE, NOAA, IMO, ITU, Cospas-Sarsat, IHO, IALA, ETSI, ISO and the IEC?  RTCM represents members’ interests at regular meetings with these organizations and is uniquely situated to provide the necessary reach and opportunities to professionally network with leaders in these agencies and organizations.
  • Our Special Committees have some of the world’s leading experts in many fields, including:
    • Radio and satellite communications systems
    • Shipboard navigation equipment, such as ECDIS, ECS and RADAR,
    • Emergency locator beacons, EPIRBS, PLBs and ELTs,
    • Precise satellite positioning and navigation systems including all worldwide and regional DGNSS systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, Beidou, and NavIC. 
  • Our Special Committees help to resolve issues facing industry and government on a regular basis, primarily through the development of standards, and also through correspondence and participation in projects with both industry and government members.  Several RTCM standards are referenced by regulations in the U.S. and abroad.
  • RTCM hosts an annual Assembly and Conference which provides a broad networking opportunity among our members along with presentations on current and upcoming policy and technological challenges for our members.
Other benefits to members include:
  • voting privileges on RTCM Standards
  • access to all of our published standards with no fee
  • access to our special committee document and management system, containing all references, presentations, and correspondence of the special committees
  • access to RTCM’s member newsletter called The RTCM Beacon which is published 2-3 times per year.  The newsletter aims to keep our members updated on the latest RTCM news, events, and progress while also engaging RTCM members.   It will include updates from our active Special Committees, Work Groups, Task Forces, and other relevant groups associated with RTCM, such as the GMDSS Task Force and the MMSI Workgroup. 

For additional information on membership and its benefits to your organization please contact RTCM by email, mail, or phone:
E-Mail:              [email protected]                 
Telephone:      +1 703-527-2000
Postal Mail:     RTCM

                          2200 Wilson Blvd, Ste 102-109
                          Arlington, VA, 22201, USA 

In addition to your name and contact information please indicate the nature of your organization's interest in maritime radio communications and radio navigation matters so that RTCM can advise you as to specific activities of RTCM in relation to your interests.

Thank you for your interest in RTCM!