Membership of your organization in RTCM entitles members of your organization to:

  • Participate in RTCM Special Committees and other activities
  • Receive regular e-mail distributions from RTCM concerning maritime radiocommunication and radionavigation regulatory and technical information, including RTCM Special Committee working reports and draft documents
  • Receive registration fee discounts for attendance at the RTCM Annual Assembly Meeting

For additional information on membership and its benefits to your organization please contact RTCM by email, mail, or phone:

E-Mail:              [email protected]                 
Telephone:      +1 703-527-2000
Postal Mail:     RTCM

                          2200 Wilson Blvd, Ste 102-109
                          Arlington, VA, 22201, USA 

In addition to your name and contact information please indicate the nature of your organization's interest in maritime radio communications and radio navigation matters so that RTCM can advise you as to specific activities of RTCM in relation to your interests.