2022 RTCM Annual Update Meeting

Conference Program - Day 1

Monday, May 9, 2022 

 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)

Session 1 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

RTCM Opening Session 

Chris Hoffman

Chairman of the Board, RTCM

Welcome and Introduction to

RTCM's 75th Annual Assembly & Conference

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RADM Dave Dermanelian

Assistant Commandant

for C4IT (CG-6)


Key Note Address 

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Ed Wendlandt

President, RTCM 

Honors and Awards

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Session 2 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm (EDT)

Regulatory Updates

Ed Wendlandt

President, RTCM

RTCM Report

An update of RTCM’s activity related to radiocommunications and navigation systems, including highlights of Special Committee meetings and progress, RTCM Standards development, liaison actions, and plans for future work.

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Hannu Peiponen

Chairman, IEC TC80

Furuno Finland

IEC TC80 Update

 The presentation informs about recently published international standard related to navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems. Information include also the near future plans for such standards.

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Richard Doherty

Secretary-General CIRM

IMO / CIRM Update

An update on the regulatory work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) related to bridge navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems, alongside a progress report on the technical work of CIRM, the international association of marine electronics companies.


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Session Q & A
4:15-4:30 Break

Ghassan Khalek

Senior Engineer, Maritime Specialist, FCC Wireless Bureau

Federal Communications Commission

Presentation of FCC Maritime Actions

The presentation will cover:
  • Status of Petitions filed and a rulemaking pending before the FCC.
  • Information on the FCC licensing activities for maritime services.
  • Information on FCC licensed radio operator requirement.
  • Information on our Maritime Mobile Service Identity program.
  • Information on our ship station exemption program.

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Brian Tetreault

Chairman SC121, USACE
Special Committee 121 on Automatic Identification

Systems (AIS) and Digital Messaging

This presentation will cover the work of Special Committee 121 AIS and Digital Messaging, including the soon to be published standard SC12100 on the Creation and Qualification of Application-Specific Messages (ASM), as well as new work to develop a standard for an AIS station for marking hazards to navigation. In addition, an update on ongoing US Corps of Engineers projects related to navigation information and AIS will be provided.

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Yanqing Li

Chair of ISO TC8

ISO/TC8  and Standardization Activities

of Common Interest

The presentation will give a brief introduction of ISO/TC8 Ships and marine technology and its activities could be of interest to RTCM. The website of ISO/TC8 is https://www.iso.org/committee/45776.html.

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Session Q & A