2023 Digital@Sea North America Conference   April 18-19, 2022 - Montreal, Canada

Navigating Digital Waterways of the Future:  Waypoints to Safer and More Efficient Voyages

DAY 2 - Conference Program

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Session 6:  9:00 AM - 9:30 AM (EDT)
Digital@Sea North America Day 2 Opening Session 
 IALA Report Overview


Minsu Jeon
Technical Manager
IALA 2023-2027 Workplan including S-200 and Test Bed

The presentation will delve into IALA's work programme for the 2023-2027 period, highlighting the organization's focus on essential topics within the maritime industry. With an emphasis on sustainability, digitalisation, and MASS, the presentation promises to be informative and engaging. 

Moreover, he will provide an overview of the development of IALA S-200 product specifications, which are critical to ensuring the safety of vessels and navigational systems. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest advancements in product specifications and explore a testbed of these S-200 PSs.

Session 7 - 9:30 AM - 10:40 AM (EDT)
Emerging Navigation Trends
Moderator: Natasha McMahon
Paul Welling
Product Sales Manager, 
Fleet Optimization
Wartsila Voyage

Fleet Optimization Data

Estimates show that 90% of data generated onboard the ship never leaves the deck, which means operators lose invaluable insight and analytics that can improve performance and efficiency every day. At Wärtsilä Voyage, we firmly believe that this data, and digitally connected operations, is key to unlocking optimal efficiency and sustainability.

The underlying idea behind our Fleet Optimisation Solutions is, therefore, focused on connecting the digital dots between navigational data, operational processes, fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact. 

 Cato Eliassen
Product Manager, Navigation and Infrastructure
Kongsberg Maritime Seatex

 Situational Awareness – Preparing for the Autonomous Future

Situational awareness is important for the safety. Creating good sensors and tools are important and even more important when the manning on the bridge is reduced or the administrative burden on the navigator is raised. Kongsberg Maritime, Seatex has- developed and delivered solutions using a combination of standard type approved equipment and cameras to increase both the efficiency and the situational awareness. 

Leonard Swift
Manager, Automation
 The St. Lawrence Seaway 
Management Corporation

 Integration of AIS Message Information Into Operational Processes

Since the implementation of AIS in 2002, the St. Lawrence Seaway Mangement Corporation has  been continually leveraging the AIS information into its various operational workflows and decision making.  Using real-time information on vessel position and speed, the Seaway has provided increased situational awareness for its operational staff and improved safety for both shore and ship structures. 

 Todd Crawford
Manager, Economic Analysis
 Fisheries and Oceans Canada


The Role of the Canadian Coast Guard
in Supporting International Trade

Through its many services like icebreaking, marine communications and traffic services, and aids to navigation, the Canadian Coast Guard supports a wide variety of economic activity in the Canadian economy. This presentation aims to provide an overview of the international trade which occurs in waters served by the Coast Guard and how it has evolved in recent years and highlight some of the economic impacts it has on regional economies across the country.


 10:40 AM - 10:50 AM - Break
Session 8 - 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
Arctic Perspective
Moderator: Stephanie Lajeunesse
Captain Steve White
Executive Director
 Marine Exchange of Alaska

Sea Traffic Management in the Arctic

Vessel transits through the Bering Strait region have doubled in the last decade. Ship traffic is expected to increase in this geopolitically strategic strait. The latest technologies to receive and transmit information are being utilized by the Marine Exchange of Alaska’s 24-hour, state of the art operations center to facilitate safe passage and to protect the region’s biodiversity and Indigenous food security. 



Dr. Jackie Dawson
Scientific Director, 
Network of Centres of Excellence,
University of Ottawa

 Climate Change and Arctic Shipping

Dr. Jackie Dawson will be presenting on Climate change and Arctic shipping implications for environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability. 


Courtney Legault
Head of Operations, Arctic

Fednav’s Arctic Operations and New Technologies

Ms. Courtney Legault will be presenting on the insight into Fednav’s Arctic Operations and the Technology they have implemented in the past year.


Session 9 - 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM (EDT)
Closing Session



IALA Conference Report Synopsis

Closing Remarks


12:15 PM - 13:30 PM - Lunch
 Session 10 - 13:30 PM - 17:00 PM (EDT) 
Port of Montreal Tour
Moderator/Host: Jean-François Belzile
Mr. Jean-François Belzile
Harbour Master and Director
of Marine Operations
Montreal Port Authority


We would like to extend a special thank to the Montreal Port Authority for hosting our attendees at their facilities!  The tour will include an overview of the port and a moderated driving tour of key points of interest.  Attendees may sign up for this tour on the conference registration form.  

Please note, there are a limited number of seats available on the bus.  We encourage you to register for the conference before all seats are filled.  Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Tour schedule:

13:30-14:00:        Coach available for boarding

14:00:                  Coach Departure for Port of Montreal 

14:15-16:30:        Port of Montreal Tour

17:00:                  Arrival back at The ALT Hotel 

Thank you for attending the 2023 Digital@Sea North America Conference!