2022 Digital@Sea North America Conference

Navigating Our Digital Waterways

DAY 1 - Conference Program

Wednesday May 11, 2022 

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM (EDT)
Opening Session 

Ed Wendlandt

RTCM President
Welcome and Introduction to 
2022 Digital@Sea North America Conference

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Francis Zachariae

Secretary-General of IALA 
Opening Address

Welcome from IALA:
- Short history on e-Navigation Underway to Digital@Sea
- IALAs work on maritime digitalisation
- Future developments 

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Session 1 - 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM (EDT)
eNav Plan and Implementation
What’s your plan? When will it happen? What’s happening now? What’s the benefit? How can others contribute?

Mr. Mike Emerson

Director, Marine Transportation System

U.S. e-Navigation Plans

Coast Guard is actively exploring new technologies and applications for electronic navigation to enhance safety of navigation in increasingly complex waterways across the nation.

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 Antonella Ferro

Director, Marine Navigation Programs

 Canadian e-Navigation Plans

Canadian Coast Guard will provide an overview of its Marine Navigation Programs and its ongoing efforts to modernize marine navigation service delivery in Canada, with a focus on e-Navigation as a driver to advance digital delivery of marine navigation programs.

Canadian Coast Guard will provide updates on the implementation of e-Navigation in the Canadian context and based on the priorities: implementation of electronic aids to navigation; digitalization of marine services; realization of cyber security requirements; emergence of autonomous vessels; and modernization of vessel traffic management.

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Minsu Jeon

Technical Operations Manager, IALA

 IALA Digital@Sea

This presentation will give brief information on the Digital@Sea initiative including its conference series, capacity building workshops and clusters. He will also introduce some recent works and activities of the organisation in terms of digital communication, and future work plans.


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Eivind Mong

Chair IHO-Nautical Information Provision Working Group,
Senior Adviser, e-navigation, Canadian Coast Guard

on behalf of

Julia Powell

Chair IHO-S-100 Working Group / Chief, Navigation Services Division, Office of Coast Survey, NOAA

IHO eNavigation

This presentation will cover the current status of S-100 and related standards that affect e-navigation.  It will include an overview of S-98 - the IHO Interoperability Specification for Navigation Systems, including how water level adjustment will be managed within navigation systems.

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10:45 AM - 11:00 AM - Break  
 Session 2 - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM (EDT)
eNav Initiatives

Brian Tetreault

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USACE e-Navigation Update

This presentation will provide an update on US Army Corps of Engineers efforts related to e-Navigation, including development and implementation of River Information Services (RIS), use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) in support of USACE missions, and plans for VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) testing. 

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Jarle Hauge

Principal Engineer
Norwegian Coastal Administration
Antigua Single Window Reporting 
A brief on the successful IMO project promoted by Norway to establish a generic Maritime Single Window (MSW) in Antigua and Barbuda. The presentation will cover steps in the project, results and possible future extensions of the MSW to other countries and regions. 
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 Fred Pot

Executive Technical Consultant

BM Bergmann Marine

Electronic Ship Reporting

1.  Current Status of automated ship reporting
- IMO Compendium
- Maritime Single Window
- Ship Reporting ICT Tools

2.  Hurdles to Overcome

3.  Proposal for Maritime Single Window Solution-as-a-Service

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12:15 PM - 13:30 PM - Lunch
Session 3 - 13:30 PM - 14:50 PM (EDT)
VDES Progress Report

Jorge Arroyo

AIS Specialist, USCG
Vice-Chair IALA eNav Committee

VDES, History and International Outlook

VDES, how we got here, where are we headed, from a regulatory perspective and how it fits within maritime radiocommunications and navigation related standards, guidelines and regulations.


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Ross Norsworthy

REC Inc.
RTCM Board of Directors, Chairman of 
Special Committees 123 & 131

VDES, What is it?  What Does it do?

A technical look at VDES, its capabilities, capacity, potential uses, architecture and more.

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Johnny Schultz

Sev1Tech, RTCM Chair SC138

VDES – A PNT Application

This presentation will look at why we need a resilient PNT.  Then we will look at some of the possibilities for providing a resilient PNT, with a focus on R-Mode operating on both VHF and MF/HF frequency bands.  We will provide a status update on R-Mode and provide information about the future of R-Mode. 

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Andrew Loretta

Senior Director, Maritime Business Development



A View from a VDES Service Provider, AOS

 AOS is a consortium made up of AAC Clyde Space, ORBCOMM and Saab that is developing a space based VDES communication system. Preliminary work includes developing use cases for VDES and demonstrating those via terrestrial based (ship to shore) testing. We will provide a couple examples of use cases that AOS is pursuing.       https://aos-vdes.com/

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 14:55 AM - 15:10 AM - Break    
Session 4 - 15:10 PM - 17:00 PM (EDT)
eNav on the Horizon

Jean-François Coutu

Manager Informatics, Integrated Technical Service
Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian e-Navigation Architecture/LEO

This brief presentation will aim to share thoughts on how various communication conduits as well as e-navigation related initiatives like Single Window and PortCDM can be integrated into the e-navigation architecture of shore-based authorities. Of particular interest will be the role new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations can play in e-navigation and how they might enable secure digital exchanges in the maritime world. The presentation aims to provide an overview of how various moving pieces can fit together to solve the e-navigation puzzle.

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David Lewald

Program Analyst, Navigation Systems

US MSI in the Near Future including Waterway Harmonization 

The presentation will review U.S. plans to modernize methods to disseminate Marine Safety Information (MSI) through digital communication systems and internet subscription services.  The presentation will explain the Waterway Harmonization Project which will become the organizing foundation for machine-to-machine delivery of MSI.

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 Natasha McMahon

National Manager, Aids to Navigation and Waterways
Canadian Coast Guard – MPO/DFO

Canadian MSI in the Near Future

Canadian Coast Guard is in the process of refining its Maritime Safety information Service in light of IHO’s S-100 framework, S-124 Navigational Warning product specification and new communication technology. The presentation will detail these efforts and how CCG is preparing for testing S-124 with its own fleet. The presentation will also include some musings of what is in store for Navigational Warning services as S-124 becomes more mature.


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Q&A / Wrap-up
17:30 PM - 19:00 PM - Evening Reception